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Try Scuba and Passport Diver programs can have you in the ocean the same day you begin your training!

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Try Scuba and Passport Diver programs can have you in the ocean the same day you begin your training!   This is an introductory, non-certification program suitable for two purposes:

  • to introduce non-divers to scuba diving. Participants may scuba dive in confined or open water under closely controlled conditions.
  • to provide sufficient training to enable graduates of the full program to continue to scuba dive under controlled conditions without meeting the requirement of scuba certification.

The instructor may elect to offer all or any portion of the program. Similarly, the participant may elect to take all or any portion of the program as offered. At any point, the program may be converted to the Scuba Diver Course. Within time limits, credit for program training may be given persons who complete it and subsequently enroll in a Scuba Diver Course.


Continued Diving. Passport holders may scuba dive in open water under the direct supervision of active-status diving leaders with the following restriction: Program knowledge and waterskills of Passport holders who have not made Passport supervised dives within the previous six months are to be evaluated in confined water by an active-status diving Instructor and any refresher training needed is to be successfully completed before the Passport holders are taken into open water.

Training Credit. Passport holders are eligible for Scuba Diver course credit provided they have successfully completed the PDP in the previous six months or can submit proof of additional supervised Passport dives in the previous six months.


Age: Minimum age of 10

Certification: None Required


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